Middle School

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LEGACY Youth Project
Resource Title: Ethnic Studies, Culturally Responsive and Humanizing Education, Healing Centered Engagement, Leadership, College & Career, Internship, and Educational Travel
Website Address (Homepage): https://www.legacyyouthproject.org
Schools: Vintage High School, Redwood Middle School, Harvest Middle School, Silverado Middle School and Napa Valley Language Academy
How to get connected: Visit our website: https://www.legacyyouthproject.org and/or talk with a LYP teacher.
On The Move
Resource Title: LAYLA-Leadership Academy
Organization Contact: On The Move
Contact Title: Evelyn Vega
Phone Number: (707) 251-9432
Website Address (Homepage): https://www.onthemovebayarea.org/
Schools: Napa High School. Silverado Middle School. McPherson Elementary School. Phillips Elementary School
Teens Connect
Resource Title: Teen Council, Youth Outreach
Website Address (Homepage): https://teensconnectnapa.org
Schools: Napa High School. Vintage High School. New Technology High School. American Canyon High School. St. Helena High School. Silverado Middle School. Harvest Middle School. Redwood Middle School. American Canyon High School. Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School.
Test Program Name
Resource Title: Test Program Title
Service Category: , ,
Schools: Browns Valley Elem
How to get connected: School counselor