No one’s mental health exists in a vacuum. When a partner, friend or child is struggling, the impact of that struggle is felt throughout the community. From providing support early, before problems become insurmountable, to clinical treatment for all ages (5+), we’re here for you and for those you care for.

Early intervention programs educate the community on good mental health right from the start, helping neighbors weather the inevitable challenges life can bring.

Outpatient services provide access to mental health treatment, regardless of one’s ability to pay, to develop the skills to cope with difficult life events or issues, making life better for our community members and those around them.

Residential services allow adults with mental illness to be given the tools and encouragement they need to live independently, so their ability to reach their own desired goals increases.

Early Intervention Program

School-Based Youth Prevention Programs

Wellness Cafés

Teen Wellness Cafés are discussion groups held at all NVUSD middle and high schools that open the conversation about students’ mental health challenges, ask what they need to feel more supported, teach coping tools, and provide connection to resources and supports including peer-led prevention work and school-based therapy with our clinicians. We engage over 2,000 youth in Wellness Cafés every school year, which have encouraged teens to become catalysts for change in their schools.

Positivity Project (P2)

P2, originally developed by Drs. Martin Seligman and Chris Peterson, is based on the theory of Positive Psychology and emphasizes a young person’s character strengths, which allows them to see the good in themselves and others. Each month throughout the school year, Mentis Prevention Specialists deliver P2 Wellness Cafés to all 7th graders within NVUSD schools. 

QPR Suicide Prevention Training

When teens look for help, they generally turn to their peers, making it all the more important to equip youth to support their fellow students. QPR is an evidence-based curriculum that teaches youth and adults how to recognize the warning signs of a suicide or mental health crisis and how to Question, Persuade and Refer someone to help.

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Community-Based Youth Prevention Programs

Teen Council

Our dynamic staff of youth developers is guided by the organization’s diverse, countywide Teen Council. Trained Teen Council members run empowerment clubs on their school campuses, provide peer to peer counseling and referral, promote volunteerism and, most importantly, offer their insights, observations and unique perspectives to the organization’s ongoing program development with a focus on caring for self, others and the community.

Meet our Teens

If you would like more information about our youth prevention programs, please contact Prevention Specialist, Nyah McWilliams, at 707.255.0966×197.

Monthly Meetups

In an effort to provide a safe space for our youth to connect with peers, Mentis offers in person Monthly Meetups. These social events are open to everyone in the County ages 12-21, and offer space for teens to connect with friends, make things, share stories, learn from others and practice self-care. Our Monthly Meetups include wellness workshops, art projects, games, music and conversation with a focus on providing tools that help our teens learn about community and self-expression.

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Empowerment Clubs

Teens Connect supports Bring Change to Mind student-led clubs on our middle and high school campuses with the goal of empowering students to educate one another and their communities about mental health and to create a culture of peer support within their schools. Through our clubs, teens use their natural creativity, passion and empathy to lead honest, open discussions that reduce shame and silence around mental health and to organize school-wide activities that encourage students to ask for help when they need it.

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Volunteer and Civic Engagement

We connect teens to dozens of volunteer opportunities and opportunities for civic engagement every year. Youth engagement is critical to community wellness and can help improve the conditions that influence health and wellbeing for all. Teens that are involved in civic engagement and volunteering gain new perspectives of our community and world, develop problem-solving skills and cultivate positive change, learn empathy and compassion, and improve confidence and self-esteem. Young people can be an inexhaustible source of energy and passion for social change.

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Programs for Older Adults

Healthy Minds Healthy Aging

When older adults in our community learn to address the challenges associated with aging in a mentally healthy way, their experience is more fulfilling for them and those who love them. Our Healthy Minds Healthy Aging program is uniquely designed for older adults and their specific life concerns. We identify those who may be at risk or already struggling with depression or cognitive decline to provide emotional support, practical coping tools, and connection to other resources, all free of charge. In addition, Healthy Minds-Healthy Aging provides community education regarding dementia and depression to reduce stigma and encourage access to therapy.

If you would like more information, please call 707.299.1885. 

Bridging the Years

Our intergenerational program fosters social connection and companionship between teens and older adults, offering community meet ups to help combat isolation, provide opportunities to discover new perspectives, keep family stories and history alive and give purpose and meaning to both age groups. Our program invigorates and energizes older adults while grounding and centering teenagers.

Therapeutic Support Groups

NEWS Support Groups

In partnership with NEWS ~ Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services, we facilitate in English and Spanish their support groups for women who have experienced domestic violence and sexual assault. These sessions are strength-based and focused on creating healthy coping skills. The clients learn to increase protective factors and reduce risk factors.

Due to the confidential nature of these groups, contact NEWS directly for more information:

Strengthening Families

Prevention Early Intervention support groups are facilitated in both English and Spanish for parents facing difficulties in their relationships. These groups assist clients in understanding how their childhood experiences can shape their present attitudes and actions without their awareness. Support groups serve parents/couples who are struggling with emotional and functional disturbances related to factors including but not limited to depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, domestic violence, poverty, substance abuse, past physical or sexual abuse, parenting challenges as well as relationship issue such as separation, divorce, and/or family conflict/stress.

Please watch our calendar for upcoming groups.

Student Support Groups

Mentis collaborates with staff at elementary, middle, and high schools across Napa Valley to identify students who would benefit from support in a group format. Therapists work within the culture of each campus, tailoring group themes to fit the needs of each student body, running groups on topics such as healthy relationships, communication, coping skills, friendship, stress management, etc. Therapists use a wide variety of techniques including art therapy, relaxation, and mindfulness to engage youth of all ages with the facilitator and each other.

Please contact your school social worker about options for your student to engage with Mentis support groups.

Community Education & Wellness

We are committed to improving the mental health and wellness of our community by sharing our knowledge as well as bringing in experts to share their knowledge. Mentis offers learning opportunities with local professionals, mental health experts and parenting gurus; as well as youth-led panel presentations that give human-centered insight into the lives of our young people. Because when we know better, we do better, individually, and collectively.

Please watch our calendar for upcoming events

Outpatient Services

Mental Health Treatment

When people of all ages have access to mental health treatment, they develop the skills to cope with difficult life events or issues, making life better for them and those around them. Mentis offers bilingual, professional mental health care that is affordable and accessible to everyone in Napa Valley. Whether in schools, in our own offices or through our many partner agencies, we meet people where they are to get them mental health support they need to thrive.

Our Mental Health Treatment program provides bilingual, professional mental health services throughout the County to people of every stage, age, and income level. The clients we serve usually have few options available to them and nowhere else to turn for assistance. This program provides an essential safety net service for Napa county residents, providing help to cope with severe psychosocial stressors that disrupt lives and cause significant emotional distress. We emphasize teaching our clients the skills they need to live productive, satisfying, and stable lives. All our therapists are licensed or are post-master’s registered interns working toward licensing. All clinical staff is registered with the state of California.

Who is eligible?

  • Napa County residents—children, teens, adults, couples, families-all ages 5 and older
  • People who can’t get access to mental health care because of high cost, inadequate health insurance coverage or other reasons.


  • We work with different types of insurance, including Medi-Cal & Victims of Crime Compensation
  • We accept individuals with no insurance on a sliding scale.
  • We offer a fee-for-service of $95 for clients with private insurance and will provide superbill upon request. Major credit cards, cash and checks will all be accepted.

Mentis provides Napa County individuals, couples, and families with access to affordable mental health treatment services based upon referrals from a network of community partners.

We collaborate with many other nonprofit agencies that share a common mission of serving people with multiple psychosocial needs. We work county-wide to coordinate mental health care with other providers. Mentis provides Mental Health Treatment to referrals from agencies throughout the County, including: OLE Health, Up Valley Family Resource Center, Puertas Abiertas, NEWS Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Services, Collabria Care, Queen of the Valley Medical Center, Boys and Girls Club, and Napa County Health and Human Services.

If you would like more information, please contact Mentis’ Intake Coordinator, Angelina Zuniga, at 707.255.0966 x132.

School Based Therapy

Mentis partners with schools throughout Napa Valley to provide various levels of support to Napa Valley’s youth. Because we are embedded in school programs in American Canyon, Napa, and Calistoga, Mentis is well positioned to give a voice and hope to students in elementary, middle and high school. Our therapists work closely with the students and their families to address impactful issues across the county in partnership with school staff.

Please contact your school social worker about options for your student to engage with Mentis programming.

Mental Health Case Management

When community members struggle with mental health challenges, every task can seem overwhelming. We help people navigate the road to mental wellness and support more effectively. Mentis works with clients to assess, refer and remove barriers to the services they need to move forward productively, whether it be healthcare, food stability or housing. Then, we work with our partners throughout the region to coordinate the required services. Our staff has the background and training to offer this type of mental health assistance to our community.

Integration with Medical Providers

CARE Network

The CARE Network at Providence Queen of the Valley Medical Center and Mentis have partnered to integrate mental health treatment into a multidisciplinary case management team. Mentis has therapists who are co-located and embedded in the Community Outreach Department. The hospital and these Mental Health Specialists work closely with the nurse/social work teams to provide comprehensive care. The program supports people with chronic illness, behavioral and social challenges, and lack of basic needs, in English and Spanish. This program has received national recognition for its effective and unique approach to patient care.


The PACE (Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) model of care is based on the belief that it is better for the well-being of older adults with chronic care needs, and their families, to be cared for in their community, whenever possible.

PACE delivers comprehensive medical and social services to older adults through personalized plans of care, created by an Interdisciplinary CareTeam, that address all preventative, primary, acute, and long-term care service needs. This enables each participant to remain independent in their home for as long as possible.

To learn more about PACE, call (707) 254-4159 or email


Residential Services

When adults with mental illness are given the tools and encouragement they need to live independently, their ability to reach their desired goals increases. Our housing programs offer an affordable, safe, and supportive environment that allows clients to overcome barriers that can stand in the way of achieving greater stability.

Transitional Housing Program

Satellite Housing is a transitional housing program that provides support and structure for adults living with a mental illness. Its goals are to prevent a return to a more restrictive living environment and to encourage progress toward independent living. Our program is unusual in that there is no specified time limit on the length of stay for clients. We work with people to develop individual treatment and future housing plans based on their capabilities and availability of permanent housing options. No program staff live on site; clients live in houses scattered throughout the City of Napa.

Permanent Housing Program

This program provides permanent housing and supportive services for eight adults with a history of chronic homelessness due to their mental illness. Mentis provides the clientele with intensive psychological support, case management, and practical assistance with independent living skills. Catholic Charities owns and manages the apartment complex.

For more information or to request an appointment, call our office at 707/255.0966 ext.154 or email us.