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What We at Mentis Believe

Listen to our executive Director, Rob Weiss, as he explains why we at Mentis are dedicated to educating, supporting, and inspiring people to take charge of their mental well-being. We understand when we share our expertise on how to cope with life’s challenges, we empower our neighbors to live the lives they want to live.

Meet Kalaya, Teen Council Vice President

We at Mentis understand being a teen is hard and being a teen at this current moment in time may be even more challenging. It is for this reason, our Prevention Division works with teens throughout the Valley to identify strategies that will keep them feeling mentally healthy and strong before problems become insurmountable. Kalaya, our Teen Council Vice President is a shining example of the different kind of experience a teen can have growing up when they have the tools they need to thrive!

Teens Connect Hope

We asked our teens what gives them hope during these unprecedented times, and their answers are nothing short of up-lifting. These are children that had to adjust to a lot of change in a short amount of time, like most of us, and despite these challenges they still hope, dream, and look to a better tomorrow. Watch and think about what makes you hopeful!

Podcast: Helping Teens Connect

Have a listen to Dr. Dan Peters’ interview with Jeni Olsen, our Prevention Director, about how youth prevention programs fit in to our continuum of care and overall community wellness.