The client was 54 years old when he came to Mentis for couple’s therapy. His life was spinning out of control. He became an abusive husband and father, and an alcoholic. His children wouldn’t speak to him and his wife was ready to leave him. He grew up in Mexico the oldest of a large family. He suffered repetitive physical and mental abuse from his father who was an alcoholic and couldn’t hold a job. He had tried therapy two other times during low points of his life to seek help. Neither attempt was successful. He came to Mentis for couple’s therapy. He had become severely depressed and was excused from his job. He came seeking couple’s therapy, but due to his high levels of depression, one-on-one therapy was recommended for him. He began to realize for the first time that he withdrew from his family, because he didn’t feel he deserved them because he was so abusive to them and the alcohol. After 40 years his life began to unfold as he began to re-live his childhood. This was the first time his story would be told, since he left Mexico to come to the US at 14 years old. For over 40 years he hadn’t shared his traumatic childhood to his wife, children, friends, co-workers, no one had heard his traumatic childhood story come from his lips, even himself! Mentis therapist had nine sessions with him. During the last session he said to his therapist “You are my angel and I will remember you for the rest of my life.” He also told his therapist, “When I came to Mentis, I came carrying a cross, and I am leaving without it!