Thank you for your interest in supporting mental health services in the Napa Valley. As a donor you play a vital role to offer access to professional bilingual mental health services through the county for every age, stage and income level.

We welcome your support at any level.


Thanks for donating today.

Thanks to you Mentis can educate others on good mental health right from the start, help neighbors weather the inevitable challenges life can bring before they become insurmountable. Your generosity allows us to stay connected to teens as they navigate this time, helps us support those older adults who struggle as the pandemic months tick by, helps a friend who’s down because he’s out of work manage the stress in healthy and productive ways.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Every Dollar Helps A Neighbor


Circle of Leadership

Circle of Leadership members are a dedicated group of friends who donate to Mentis annually with a gift of $250 or more.   They know when Mentis leverages the right combination of our considerable expertise, partner connections and empathy to give our community members exactly what they need, when they need it means supporting one resident truly impacts many.

Widen the circle.  Please join our Circle of Leadership annual giving club by making minimum investment of $250 today!   Review the benefits of membership here.   See our current list of Circle of Leadership members here.  To join Circle of Leadership contact Liz Marks, Development Director, at, or 707-337-9929

President’s Legacy Circle

Legacy Circle members have the power to change lives for generations to come. You can become a President’s Legacy Circle member by providing for Mentis in your estate plans or through a life-income gift. Whatever your financial circumstances or your charitable goals, we’ll show you how you can make a gift that benefits you and your loved ones as well as our mission. Members are invited to an annual luncheon to learn about Mentis’ impact in our community. Please see our planned giving section.


Generosity comes in many forms, and it is often the best way for you to support important causes that matter the most to you in your life. When you give to Mentis, you help us make a difference.

Start here by learning the different gift options available to you. We will work with you to find a charitable plan that lets you provide for your family and support Mentis.

Charitable Bequest

I give (if a Will) or The Trustee shall distribute (if a Living Trust) the sum of $_____________; or the following property: _________________; or ________ percent of my estate [or trust estate, if a Living Trust]; or the residue of my estate [or trust estate] to Mentis, Tax ID # 94-1236934, a California non-profit public benefit corporation located in Napa, California. The gift is to be used to [after consultation with Mentis, describe use of gift].

Beneficiary Designations

Passionate about supporting Mentis with our mission even after your lifetime? It’s not only possible, it’s easy to do with a beneficiary designation. Just name Mentis as a beneficiary to receive assets such as retirement plans and life insurance policies after you’re gone. You simply fill out a form that is entirely separate from your will—which makes this approach an easy way to give. It’s also flexible—you aren’t locked into the choices you make today. You can review and adjust beneficiary designations anytime you want.

Charitable Lead Trust

You can benefit from the tax savings that result from supporting Mentis without giving up the assets that you’d like your family to receive someday with a donation in the form of a charitable lead trust. There are two ways that charitable lead trusts make payments to Mentis:

A charitable lead annuity trust pays a fixed amount each year to Mentis and is more attractive when interest rates are low.

A charitable lead unitrust pays a variable amount each year based on the value of the assets in the trust. With a unitrust, if the trust’s assets go up in value, for example, the payments to Mentis go up as well.

Charitable Remainder Trust

If you have built a sizable estate and also are looking for ways to receive reliable payments, consider a charitable remainder trust. At the end of the trust term, the balance in the trust goes to Mentis. These types of gifts may offer you tax benefits and the option for income. There are two ways to receive payments and each has its own benefits:

The annuity trust pays you, each year, the same dollar amount you choose at the start. Your payments stay the same, regardless of fluctuations in trust investments.

The unitrust pays you, each year, a variable amount based on a fixed percentage of the fair market value of the trust assets. The amount of your payments is redetermined annually. If the value of the trust increases, so do your payments. If the value decreases, however, so will your payments.

Charitable Gift Annuity

There’s a way for you to support Mentis and feel confident that you have dependable income in your retirement years. You can do this with a charitable gift annuity. This type of donation can provide you with regular payments and allow us to further our work. You can also qualify for a variety of tax benefits, including a federal income tax charitable deduction when you itemize.

A charitable gift annuity involves a simple contract between you and Mentis where you agree to make a gift to Mentis and we, in return, agree to pay you (and someone else, if you choose) a fixed amount each year for the rest of your life.


Donate by Mail

You may make a donation by check or credit card via mail. Print out this form, complete and mail to:

709 Franklin Street
Napa, CA 94559

If you have any questions, please contact Liz Marks.

Donor Advised Funds

Donor advised funds allow you to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax section and then recommend grants from the fund over time, you can contribute to the fund as frequently as you like, and then recommend grants to your favorite charity such as Mentis at a time that makes sense for you. Consult with your financial advisor about the best choice for your unique circumstance.

Donate Securities

Gifts of appreciated securities such as stocks and bonds offer substantial tax advantages, such as forgiveness of the tax on capital gains and a charitable income tax deduction for their fair market value. In order to maximize your capital gains savings, we encourage you to transfer securities directly to Mentis rather than selling them and then making a cash donation.

Instructions for Donations of Securities

Please provide your stockbroker with the following information:

Our Broker: John Heflebower
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
700 Main Street
Napa, CA 94559
Phone: 707-254-4601
Our Account: 80C-02090
DTC Number: 8862

Our Tax ID: 94-1236934 Mentis is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

For questions or other information about gifts of stock or other assets, please contact Liz Marks at 707-255-0966 X 153 or

Make a Gift Tax-Free with an IRA

Make a difference today and save on taxes. It’s possible when you support Mentis through your IRA.

A special opportunity for those 70½ years old and older

You can give any amount (up to a maximum of $100,000) per year from your IRA directly to a qualified charity such as Mentis without having to pay income taxes on the money. Gifts of any value $100,000 or less are eligible for this benefit and you can feel good knowing that you are making a difference at Mentis. This popular gift option is commonly called the IRA charitable rollover, but you may also see it referred to as a qualified charitable distribution, or QCD for short. Contact your IRA administrator for more information or contact Liz Marks at 707-255-0966 X 153

Donate a Car

Mentis has a partnership with a local company, Donate for Charity, Inc. to manage the donation of your car. They will pick up your car, handle all the paperwork and provide you with the largest tax donation possible (  Please contact Mentis’ Development Director, Liz Marks, if you have any questions at or at 707/255.0966 ext. 153.

Matching Gifts

Double or triple the impact of your gift to Mentis! Many companies have a matching program that matched part or all of their employees’ gifts to charities. Contact your Human Resource Department to see if your company offers a matching gift program.  Mentis Tax ID: 94-1236934

Host a Fundraiser

Many businesses, organizations, schools or individuals desire to host an event or fundraiser to benefit Mentis, Napa’s Center for Mental Health Services. These events are planned and executed by your group or organization. Mentis would be pleased to provide you with any graphic materials needed and post your event on Facebook as well as email to our supporter list. Dine & Donate, Shopping Night, Birthday/anniversary donations instead of gifts, wine club dinner or house party.  For more information, contact Janelle Samansky at or call 707.255.0966 x149

Amazon Smile

When you shop at Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to Mentis, Napa’s Center for Mental Health.

United Way

Consider choosing Mentis when you participate in your Workplace Campaign.