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About Mentis

For 69 years, Mentis: Napa’s Center for Mental Health Services has been dedicated to the emotional health and wellness of our community through accessible and affordable mental health services. We are the only agency in Napa County that provides professional counseling to individuals, couples, and families of all ages, in both English and Spanish, as well as supportive housing for adults living with mental illness. Our programs serves close to 1,000 people each year, spanning the age, ethnicity, geographical location, and economic status of the local population.

Our Story

Mentis is the oldest nonprofit in Napa County, and after 69 years of providing mental health services to people of every age, stage and income level, we are reinventing ourselves.

Formerly known as Family Service of Napa Valley, the re-brand is a result of an 18-month-long process involving the staff, board of directors, and partners to clearly and succinctly communicate their impact throughout the county. Our hope is to crystallize our role as the mental health champion for all of Napa, and we realized the name “Family Service” no longer served as a powerful signal of our hard work and efforts.

Family Service agencies were created post-World War II to specifically serve veterans and their families. The sense was that the current name did not reflect the promise and personality of Family Service – especially as an agency that serves all Napa residents, regardless of age or income.

We have brought all of their Napa-based clinicians under one roof in our new space, streamlined operational efficiency and created a welcoming space for clients. Upvalley clinicians will remain in offices at Up Valley Family Resource Center, Calistoga Schools and Ole Health.

Even with the new name, the mission remains the same — to do the best job possible equipping Napa County residents with the necessary tools to live emotionally healthy, stable lives.


This name change is a result of an 18 month process that involved our staff, our Board and our partners to clearly and succinctly communicate our impact throughout the County. As we crystallized our role as the mental health champion for all of Napa, we realized the name “Family Service” no longer served as a powerful signal of our work.

Mentis is the Latin word for “mind,” and quite simply we are the agency that is best at equipping residents of all ages with the tools they need to live emotionally stable, healthy lives.

We are the “mental health partner” for the many organizations with whom we collaborate. Many agencies would not have behavioral support services without us.

Of course. Mentis has programs throughout the County, from in-school programs in Calistoga to support groups in American Canyon, that cater to the needs of families. We provide bi-lingual mental health support to people of every age, stage and income level.


The new visual identity is an extension of our Brand value as champions of emotional/mental health for the broader Napa community. The Mentis trademark not only represents our services beyond traditional patient-clinician therapy, but also leverages our dedication to first-rate counseling regardless of our clients’ age, life stage, and income level.

The circles, forming the letter M, represent the five cities that make up Napa County; while visually communicating the wine-growing region. The lone white space in the center of the circle references our cognitive thinking that is the core to each of our mental well-being. It also represents the 1 in 5 individuals that have/will have mental illness in a given year.

Our typeface was thoughtfully selected to reflect our unique attributes and values and yet, still representative of our diverse and vibrant community.


  • We’ve adopted a new strategic plan to set our sights on smart growth for better impact throughout the County, particularly as the Affordable Care Act makes mental health services more accessible.
  • We’ve brought all our Napa-based clinicians under one roof in our new location at 1700 Second Street, streamlining our operational efficiency and creating a welcoming space for clients. Our clinicians Up Valley remain in their offices at Up Valley Family Resource Center and Ole Health.

Board of Directors

Board President: Sarah Moore, Director of Brand Strategy, Mission Minded
Board Vice President: Elizabeth Hawkins, Audit Manager, G&J Seiberlich & Co LLP
Board Treasurer (Acting): Elizabeth Hawkins, Audit Manager, G&J Seiberlich & Co LLP
Board Secretary: Pete Krammer, Managing Partner of ELA Consulting Group

Board Members
Christopher Barefoot, Vice President of Public Relations, Opus One
Vanessa Luna Shannon, Director, Gateway to College, Santa Rosa Junior College
Maira Ayala, Field Representative for Congressman Mike Thompson
Mark van Gorder, Public Affairs, PG&E
Laura Webb, Owner, Webb Brand Consulting
Bret Johnson, Ph.D. Clinical and Forensic Psychology
Kyle Iverson, Napa Valley College Board of Trustees
Susan Lyle, Financial Advisor, Vice President – Investments, Wells Fargo

Advisory Board
Geni A. Bennetts, M.D., Medical Consultant
Gary Lieberstein, Community Advocate
Brad Wagenknecht, Napa County Board of Supervisors
Karen Smith, M.D., Director of the California Department of Public Health and State Public Health Officer
Robert Green, Financial Planner
Elizabeth Healy, Director, Government and Community Relations, The Doctors Company
Ernie Heine, Heine & Associates Electrical Engineers