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Our Partners

A collaborative effort is essential in helping individuals and families in crisis. This means involving the unique experiences and perspectives of staff, volunteers, donors and other nonprofit organizations. Thank you to each of the organizations that helps us to provide our patients with the best care possible.


Our agency partnersNuestros socios de la agencia

Our funders and financial supportersNuestros financiadores y patrocinadores


Your one-stop source for mental health services, resources and solutions for yourself, your family and your community.

Therapy Services
At Mentis’ main clinic in downtown Napa, we provide services to individuals, children, couples and families. We also provide Group Therapy Workshops throughout the year. We work with anyone regardless of income, age or stage of life. Please contact our Intake Coordinator at 707/255.0966 ext.132 to schedule an appointment. We have a sliding scale fee that works for all situations. We offer therapy in both English and Spanish.

Crisis Hotline
Offers support to people of all ages, backgrounds and income levels during times of crisis or difficulty in a variety of settings.

Crisis Stabilization Services Unit: 707/253.4711
2751 Napa Valley Corporate Drive
Bldg. B
Napa, CA 94558

Suicide Prevention Hotline 24 Hour: Toll-Free 800/273.TALK

Crisis Intervention
Community Connection Network (CCN) provides site-based crisis intervention services, mental health support, and linkages to stabilize individuals who would otherwise escalate to needing higher levels of care such as the Crisis Clinic, emergency room services, or inpatient hospitalization. The CCN staff is available to all ages and demographics who are experiencing an Emerging Mental Health Crisis. CCN’s short-term mental health services are provided for a maximum of 60 days.

Program Services for Community Connection Network include:

  • Intervention and referrals as needed
  • Brief treatment, short term supportive mental health services
  • Assessment and screening
  • Development of crisis triage intervention plans
  • Outreach to individuals who have been identified as at risk

Provide referrals and/or warm handoffs to crisis residential services, vocational and employment services, housing, substance abuse and/or residential detoxification services, domestic violence intervention with the support of law enforcement, and other services with transportation assistance.

Community Connection Network: 707/257.9719

Trauma Informed Care
We know trauma is becoming more pervasive in our society, it can include veterans returning from combat to survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence to people that have experienced car accidents or natural disasters such as an earthquake.

In order to provide Trauma Informed Care that supports resiliency, self care, and healing for people; we have created a setting where all agency staff is educated and mindful about trauma  and its consequences, and everyone is aware of the need to create a safe, supportive culture.

The Mentis Trauma Treatment Program includes trauma specific services including evidenced based and emerging best practice treatment models that have been proven to facilitate recovery from trauma. The program includes didactic, cognitive-behavioral, and emotional integration modalities such as CBT, EMDR, Exposure/Desensitization, Seeking Safety and TRM. These services are available to all clients of Mentis. In addition, we offer fee for service EMDR treatment to patients with Kaiser or private insurance.

Mentis Trauma Treatment Program: 707/255.0966 ext. 132