Meet Maria*(Name of client has been changed for confidentiality reasons), a married client in her early 30’s. She had four children and was a healthy and happy stay at home mother and wife. She had a traumatic fall and found herself in the emergency room of the hospital in critical condition. The result of the trauma was kidney failure. When she was stabilized and returned home, she began to suffer Agoraphobia (a fear of leaving your environment/home). She became a fearful mom. She also found that she had a strong aversion to being touched. She did not even want to touch herself. She was always guarding herself from any form of touch from her husband, four children, family and friends. The Agoraphobia made her a prisoner in her own home. Her Agoraphobia became so severe and traumatic; she would not put her hand on the doorknob. Even to the backdoor, which lay her beautifully manicured garden, which was a hobby of hers. The Agoraphobia and strong aversion to being touched by others and herself lasted a few months. She finally agreed to therapy, although it was not successful. She saw other clinicians and each session left her more alone and fearful. She found Family Service of Napa in 2012. She began to develop trust with her therapist from Family Service. She gradually learned to touch herself. She was able to open the door to her backyard and gradually want out into her garden. She was always good at understanding her boundaries, and would say at the end of each session, that is all she can handle. After her second session, she continued to trust her therapist and herself, she walked outside in front of her house to the street. During her third session, she crossed the street, and after her fourth session, she went to the children’s school for the first time in months. She began owning herself and her space. One year after her traumatic accident, her fears of touch were finally gone she was able to hug her husband and children again, and herself. She was no longer a prisoner in her own home.