Jessica *(Name of client has been changed for confidentiality reasons), a woman living with mental disabilities came to Mentis in search of a program that could help her start and maintain a healthier and more stable life away from abuse, drugs, violence and homelessness she lived through as an adult.

She grew up highly dependent on her family, especially her mother. She was diagnosed bipolar, borderline IQ and didn’t function well, her mother was her protector – always keeping her under her wing. But unfortunately her mother’s death caused Jessica to lose control of her life, making her feel completely lost and alone.

Jessica began a series of physically and emotionally abusive relationships in which she hoped to receive the same kind of love and protection her mother gave to her. She became addicted to drugs and homeless in addition to trying to manage her disabilities.

Through time, Jessica was able to reach the point where she wanted change for herself in order to live a healthier and more stable life. She decided to do all she possibly could to meet the standards to be accepted into Mentis’ housing program. With the guidance and assistance from the Housing Program Manager, Jessica was accepted and began living in Mentis’ supported housing.  She was given the structure she desperately needed and could not get anywhere else.

After 1 year, she showed a lot of progress by learning to socialize, learning to live more independently and learning to develop individual treatment.  She continued to receive psychological support, case management and learned to build her independent living skills.

Now, several years have gone by and Jessica has demonstrated dramatic improvement, milestones to say the least. She is living a healthier and more stable life: she is sober, more social, learned to live independently, has reconnected with her family, has gotten a stable job, and moved into a new independent apartment.

In a sense, Mentis became Jessica’s secure base, the place she turns to when she needs to feel safe. Mentis has given Jessica a similar comfort and feeling of love and protection she felt when her mother was by her side. All in all Jessica is doing fantastic, living life and doing things she never thought she could do because of Mentis Supportive Housing Programs!