Welcome to the Napa County Youth Resource Directory! This is a “one stop shop” for our community to find local organizations providing mental health, wellness and prevention services to youth age 12 – 20. Use this site to find out more information about these diverse organizations, including how to connect with their service providers.


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Teens Connect

Teens Connect

Teens Connect supports, engages, and empowers teens through prevention programs centered around mental health and wellness, with programming both inside and outside of Napa County middle and high schools.
Teens Connect Teen Council

Teens Connect Teen Council

Teen Council informs, designs and organizes Teens Connect events in schools and the community. Teen Council members run empowerment clubs on their high school campuses, provide peer-to-peer support and promote volunteerism and civic engagement.
The Hero Foundation

The Hero Foundation

Our mission as The Hero Foundation is to do our part in saving the world in every way we can and to bring love, peace, and prosperity to everyone.
Together Everything is Possible!

Together Everything is Possible

Dana is an education problem solver. If she can't help you, she will refer you to someone who can.