The CARE Network at the Queen of the Valley Medical Center and Mentis have partnered to integrate behavioral health practice into a multidisciplinary case management team approach to chronic disease management of everyone regardless of their economic status, as long as there is a medical component (i.e. heart disease, diabetes, HIV, cancer and other chronic and debilitating illnesses). In this collaboration, Mentis therapists are co-located and embedded in the Community Outreach Department as Mental Health Specialists working closely with the nurse/social work teams to provide comprehensive care. This program has received national recognition for its effective and unique approach to patient care.

The Cancer Wellness Program at Queen of the Valley Medical Center is a unique multidisciplinary program that provides exercise, education and support to maximize the physical and psychological well-being of cancer survivors. In this collaboration, a Mentis therapist provides individual counseling sessions to promote emotional well-being and stress mastery. For more information about this program, call 707/252.4411 ext. 2495.


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