Satellite Housing Program:

Satellite Housing is a transitional housing program that provides support and structure for adults living with a mental illness. Its goals are to prevent a return to a more restrictive living environment and to encourage progress toward independent living.

Our program is unusual in that there is no specified time limit on the length of stay for clients. We work with people to develop individual treatment and future housing plans based on their capabilities and availability of permanent housing options. No program staff live on site; clients live in houses scattered throughout the City of Napa.

Permanent Housing Program:

This program provides permanent housing and supportive services for eight adults with a history of chronic homelessness due to their mental illness. Mentis provides the clientele with intensive psychological support, case management, and practical assistance with independent living skills. Catholic Charities owns and manages the apartment complex.

For more information or to request an appointment, call our office at 707.255.0966 ext.154 or email us.

Salvation Army Culinary Training Academy:

In partnership with the Salvation Army of Napa, this four month program provides Culinary Training to adults in recovery and/or adults who have struggled into adulthood and are now ready to utilize supportive services to get on their feet and create a career in the culinary field. Mentis provides the clinical case management and mental health services during the program, as well as for six months after as needed. For homeless students or students needing to move will be provided with housing and food while they are in the program. Already housed students will receive assistance with rent in order to be able to attend this program.

For more information call Mackenzie Lovie at 707.225.0966 ext. 169.

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