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UpValley Family Centers

UpValley Family Centers


Resource Title: Children, Youth and Schools
Website Address (Program Specific): Children, Youth and Schools
What They Do: UpValley Family Centers provides school based mentoring and linkages to services such as counseling, drug/alcohol prevention education, tutoring, and more. We also run school based clubs at all of the middle and high school campuses in Calistoga and St. Helena.
Schools: • St. Helena Elementary School • RLS Middle School • St. Helena High School • Calistoga Elementary School • Calistoga Jr High School • Calistoga High School
How to get connected: • CLARA – Contact Rocio Escobedo at rescobedo@upvalleyfamilycenters.org • CLARO – Contact Jose Hernandez at jhernandez@upvalleyfamilycenters.org • Calistoga Counseling Services – Contact Zachary Guzik at zguzik@upvalleyfamilycenters.org • St. Helena Counseling Services – Contact Cristina Avina at cavina@upvalleyfamilycenters.org • St. Helena Tutoring Services – Contact Lenore Davis at ldavis@upvalleyfamilycenters.org • Youth Drug and Alcohol Prevention – Contact Regina Penna at rpenna@upvalleyfamilycenters.org