Youth Support

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ALDEA Children + Family Services

(707) 224-8266

Resource Title: Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse Service, Prevention Services, Adolescent Programs, Foster Care & Adoption Service, Victim-Center Services
Website Address (Program Specific):
What They Do: Our mission is to improve lives and create bright futures for people we serve by providing professional mental health, child welfare and support services in a manner that respects the dignity and individuality of each person.
Schools: ALDEA works in collaboration with Napa Valley Unified School District
How to get connected: Please contact our main office *707-253-0123
Camille Creek Community School

Camille Creek Community School


Resource Title: Camille Creek Community School
Website Address (Program Specific):
What They Do: Camille Creek Community School is a small alternative school for students who have not been successful at traditional schools. Our small school family offers a learning environment of hope, love, and respect for the county’s most at risk youth.
How to get connected: Phone call, email, or come see us!
KEDS – Kids Exposed to Domestic Violence Services

KEDS – Kids Exposed to Domestic Violence Services


Resource Title: News Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Services
Website Address (Program Specific): KEDS program and services
What They Do: Helping children heal today and thrive tomorrow
How to get connected: Call or email for more information
LEGACY Youth Project

LEGACY Youth Project

Resource Title: Ethnic Studies, Education, Social Justice, Youth Leadership, Transformation
Website Address (Program Specific): Program Model
What They Do: The LEGACY Youth Project (LYP) is an Ethnic Studies and social justice leadership program committed to the healing, transformation, and liberation of Napa Valley youth. Through our Heartwork Pedagogy, we cultivate humanizing opportunities for our scholar warriors to lead, rejoice, and thrive.
Schools: Redwood Middle School, Harvest Middle School, Vintage High School
How to get connected: Find our latest updates on our Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook).
LGBTQ Connection

LGBTQ Connection


Resource Title: LGBTQ Connection
Website Address (Program Specific): Napa County programs & services
What They Do: LGBTQ groups, events, socials, 1-on-1 supports, resources, youth leadership teams, and more, for all ages, in English and Spanish.
Schools: We are involved at almost every high school and middle school in Napa County, and by request at any elementary or other school.
How to get connected: Call, email, DM (social media), or just drop by!